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Pariah Makes Strides

Dear Universe,

It has been awhile since we’ve talked. In the past seven months I’ve : watched my dad return to Afghanistan, held a decent part-time job, managed to finally graduate, am approaching a two year relationship anniversary, joined a gym, quit smoking (yet again), learned learned that my tax refund will be larger than expected, started acting classes at the Alliance Theatre, learned my grandfather was turning 80 and witnessed my younger brother pass the threshold into adulthood.

All of that is terribly exciting, and you would think these major events would lead me to write. Even just a little bit. All those events somehow pale in comparison to the knowledge I learned today. While I slugged through E-learning courses at work, I looked down to my phone and read updates from Twitter. Protests. Heavens to Betsy. People going to lunch. Eh. Foxy, Young AND Free? You’ve got to be kidding me.

And then, I see the tweet that PARIAH was picked up by Focus Features at Sundance!

Focus Features nabs ‘Pariah’ – Entertainment News, Film News, Media – Variety.

Never mind my love affair with Focus Features, and if I were to ever make a film I would love for Focus Features to pick it up. I also saw the tweet that Dee Rees was offered a large sum to direct a second film. Seriously exciting news. I’d been following the tweets and news that Pariah was headed to Sundance. Why I feel a strong attachment to both this film and Dee Rees success I simply cannot explain. I’m completely baffled. I wanted to cry tears of happiness upon learning this news. It is simply amazing, exciting and inspiring.

Perhaps inspiring is the key word, because if Ms. Rees can take her vision and manage to bring it to life, then that gives hope for my own dream I hold inside.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written, but I couldn’t help but share this kind of news that spreads infectious happiness throughout my being. I think I’ve received enough inspiration to last a year. And to take a chance. Get messy. And follow my dreams. Thank you Ms. Rees. I can only imagine my excitement when I see it on the screen.  I just may piss myself.

EDIT : Click here and demand Pariah to come to a screen near you

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